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Billington Plum Trees - Wholesale
Early season. Small plum with dark red skin and firm red very good flavoured flesh. It crops very heavily, and its chief claim to fame is that it is the first fully red fleshed plum to ripens - at about Christmas time. Self fertile.
Black Doris Plum Trees - Wholesale
Black Doris
Late season. Medium to large very dark black-purple freestone fruit with dark red very firm flesh. Good for bottling (and jam) because of it's firmness and deep colour. Vigorous, upright tree.
Burbank Plum Trees - Wholesale
Early mid season. Burbank plums are medium sized, bright red mottled yellow, and have deep yellow flesh of very good flavour. The trees are partially self fertile, and often set extremely heavily, which can lead to fungal disease such as brown rot spreading quickly, and can cause biennial bearing. The trees are low growing, flat topped, and with drooping limbs. Burbank trees tolerate more cold than some of the other Japanese cultivars.
Elephant Heart Plum Trees - Wholesale
Elephant Heart
Late season. A large, dark reddish purple conic fruit with purple-red sweet, juicy flesh. It is a freestone, and useful for fresh eating and canning/bottling.
Omega Plum Trees - Wholesale
Late season. A large, dark port wine red skinned, firm crimson red fleshed plum of good flavor, very good storeage ability (will keep for 3 weeks or more after picking), and regular heavy crops. Pollenizers are 'Duff's Early Jewel' and 'Santa Rosa'.
Purple King Plum Trees - Wholesale
Purple King
Midseason. This large fruit has purplish red skin covered with a heavy bloom, and excellent flavoured, yellow flesh (tinged wine red near the stone). A very vigorous tree, but must have a pollenizer-'Sultan', 'Doris', or 'Duff's Early Jewel', and bears very poorly in the abscence of a suitable pollinizer. It is well suited to warmer, more humid areas, as it has some resistance to bacterial diseases.
Santa Rosa Plum Trees - Wholesale
Santa Rosa
Early season. A medium large, crimson to purplish red, lightly freckled plum with yellow flesh slightly suffused with pink especially near the pit. The fruit is firm, sweet, juicy, and aromatic, except near the pit, where it is quite acid.. The tree is widely adapted, partly self fertile (sets fruit without a pollenizer, but sets a lot more with one), and the tree is hardy, upright and vigorous, and highly productive. S.R. is a very important commercial cultivar and readily available in the supermarket. Nevertheless, it is a very good choice for the home garden. Pollenizers 'Duff's Early Jewel' and 'Omega'.
Satsuma Plum Trees - Wholesale
'Blood plum'. Mid season. A large fruit with solid deep red skin and flesh and the small pit is semi freestone. Satsuma is juicy, and it has a particularly good flavor. The tree is an upright grower. 'Methley', 'Santa Rosa' and 'Beauty' will pollenize Satsuma.
Sultan Plum Trees - Wholesale
Early mid season. Similar to Satsuma, a medium to large, oval, red fleshed, deep red skinned plum that is soft and juicy and has good flavor. It bears heavily on a rather low, spreading tree. Pollenizers are 'Doris' and 'Duff's Early Jewel'.
Wilsons Early Plum Trees - Wholesale
Wilsons Early
Early season. One of the earliest plums to ripen, but the bright red yellow fleshed fruit are small and tend to biennial bearing. 'Doris' and 'Mariposa' are likely to have the best flowering overlap with Wilsons Early.
Duffs Early Jewel Plum Trees - Wholesale
Duffs Early Jewel
An early season plum with small fruit, a little larger than Wilsons Early and has red skin and yellow flesh. Self fertile, great little fresh eating plum/ or use in preserves or sauces.
Fortune Plum Trees - Wholesale
A vigorous upright red skinned plum with sweet juicy yellow flesh. Uniformly round fruit, some weighing 200g. Stores well.
Hawera Plum Trees - Wholesale
A high quality variety. Large fleshed plum with very dark red skin and flesh. Freestone variety ripens in January.
Red Doris Plum Trees - Wholesale
Red Doris
Medium sized plumwith red skin and yellow flesh. The flesh is sweet and juicy with a very good flavour. Red Doris produces generous crops and is highly reccommended for domestic gardens.
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